See how EverythingOceans can help you understand the oceans and its inhabitants.

Our ocean education programs are based on our award-winning book, 'Ocean Adventures With Jax'. Our books are featured in public aquariums, bookstores around the country, and also selling on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our extensive outreach programs include fun summer camps, children's book readings, corporate presentations, schools Authors Day Presentations, and booth's at high profile children's book fairs. We want to help people from all walks of life become ocean champions. You can see the depth of that commitment in our happy clientele. Please take a moment to read our testimonials and learn how we've helped thousands of people understand the oceans and become ocean champions!

Pamela Jackson is truly an ocean steward.  She is so passionate about the oceans and it shows. She is high energy and very animated when she speaks.  It is exciting just to be around someone with so much enthusiasm and passion. It is clear this woman wants to take ocean conservation to the next level. I highly recommend EverythingOceans for your next presentation because she will have audience members sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation.

- John Miller

I hired EverythingOceans to do an ocean presentation and speak to our organization. Pamela Jackson did a beautiful job explaining how we are connected to the oceans and why we should care for them.  Honestly, the participants really had a great time! Our members asked lots of questions and she answered them all.  I am happy we booked EverythingOceans to come and speak to our members. I highly recommend Pamela Jackson.

- Robert Brown

EverythingOceans was fun to work with, especially the dolphin mascot. Jax the dolphin was so cool and informative with the children. Jax made the experience come to life by showing how dolphins use echolocation and also named and showed the different parts of the marine mammal. The kids went crazy.

- Wendy Lee-Yang

We decided to invite EverythingOceans to come and speak at our dive club. We thought we knew a lot about the ocean, but Pamela Jackson helped us to learn even more. Her PowerPoint presentation was off the charts and we really learned more about this fragile resource we all love to dive in.  Pamela was so well informed and answered all of our questions and they even had a raffle for their new children’s book! Fun was had by all. We are happy to recommend EverythingOceans for your next meeting.

- Alicia Sanchez